Project type: Infrastructure objects

Client: Riga City Council City Development Department

Investment: Construction of the bridge and infrastructure

Time: 2004-2012

Company: Skonto Būve

Country: Latvia

Project description

The Southern Bridge is the most ambitious infrastructure object in the Baltics that has been completed since the countries regained their independence. The project includes not only the crossing of Daugava, but also all the viaducts, elevated highways and access ways associated with the Eastern main road. The Southern Bridge has significantly relieved traffic congestion on the other three bridges across the Daugava River, and it is now possible to reach Riga’s western and north-western areas from the northern part of Pārdaugava and Pierīga much faster.
Skonto Būve was an important partner in this project - the company was involved in everything related to the rebuilding of the existing communications and the construction of the new ones. The company provided rebuilding of gas and water supply, as well as full rebuilding of power lines and heating mains.
The company carried out many works related to the traffic junction construction, from site preparation to overpass construction and road works. Monolithic support walls were built and the load-bearing structures of the bridge were tested. The biggest challenge was to ensure the traffic flow continuity during the reconstruction of Slavic railway overpass and the construction of the three-level transport junction, by constructing the bypass roads and organising the traffic. Skonto Būve tasks included also the construction of the traffic lights and pavements.
«Designing and construction work was carried out according to the Latvian and European building standards of quality. The object was put into operation ahead of timetable," on cooperation with Skonto Būve commented City Development Department of Riga City Council.